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3 - open
11 - closed
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3. - 9. 10. 2016
Vážení návštěvníci,
v týdnu od 3. do 9. 10. 2016 (pondělí - neděle) jsou z technických důvodů zavřeny jak prohlídky Staré čistírny, tak Café TOVÁRNA.
Děkujeme za pochopení.
Changed opening hours
Dear visitors and guests,
Since 1st May 2016, there are new opening hours in our Waste Water Treatment Plant. The entrance fees for the tours have changed as well.

The new time schedule for our tours is (as follows):
Monday – Friday: 11 am – 2 pm
Weekends and festive days: 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 15:00 a 16:30.

The entrance fee for tours held in Czech:
Basic entrance fee: 180,-- CZK
Discounted entrance fee: 90,-- CZK
Family entrance fee: 450,-- CZK

The entrance fee for tours held in a foreign language:
Basic entrance fee: 240,-- CZK
Discounted entrance fee: 140,-- CZK
Family entrance fee: 620,-- CZK
The entrance fee charged for the group tours remain unchanged.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.
Breaking news!
We would like to inform you, that after two years of comprehensive preparings, we met the conditions for granting the certificate „anchorage point of the „European Route of Industrial Heritage“ which concretely means that the „Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in Prague Bubeneč“ is officially acknowledged to be a part of and belong to the most important industrial sights of Europe.
The European Tour of Industrial Heritage („ERIH“) is a prestigious European tourist information network connecting important sights in the area of industrial and technical history. To enter this special organization, not only the importance of the respective industrial sight, but also the property management, presentation the history to the visitors, offered services, exploitation of the sight as well as other programmes are taken into account.

Information about the „European Route of Industrial Heritage“ („ERIH“) can be found in our pages just here.
The respective „ERIH“-certificate can be viewed just here.
Open and closed days
Dear visitors,

please watch our new calendar of open days "When we are open:". You can find it in the right section of the website.